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True Cellular Detox was one of my best decisions of the year. Detox isn’t just for the ailing and unwell. In my case, I started out feeling great and went to an entirely new level of high performance and personal transformation. If you think you have what you need for the journey before you, step into the world of True Cellular Detox and you may just find that life has even more room magic than you ever imagined. I did.

Before my detox I had been running marathon distances, had been casually biohacking for a couple years, I helped develop bleeding edge high-technology, helping bring Microsoft’s holographic computing platform HoloLens from research to the market, even to the International Space Station. I have an amazing wife and two children under five. Why detox? I was curious. I just wanted to experience what would happen if I applied all my faculties to truly living the healthiest and fullest and most present life I could be. What might it be like? Does the experience of life plateau? Or does it expand further?

I had lab work done prior to and after the detox. A lot of lab work. I picked out three areas of health I was interested in making progress on: hormones, metals, and metabolism. I picked goals. And, three months later… I knocked it out of the park in two areas. It appears things went better in other areas of my life, as I got a promotion. But, more importantly, I get a much greater sense of connection and comradery with my wife and children (priceless). If that wasn’t enough, even stranger… perhaps more extraordinary things started happening… I started to collaborate on projects with my favorite authors, business leaders, and heroes. And, curiously, I started to discover more time and space in my life. I went from reading a book a month to reading about 6 books a month. I had more time for spiritual growth and contemplation. All from a detox!?!? Strange. Isn’t it?

I’ve been so convinced TCD was a critical part of those transformations that I’ve been working with individuals who are facing health challenges and steering them towards TCD to help preserve the best of them. But, for all of us, there is something to be gained from TCD. I dare you to see what happens when you throw yourself into being as full, whole, and healthy as you can be. You may just find that for every drop you give, you get a bucket in return.

-Michael Ebstyne in Seattle, WA


Other Testimonials:

Five months and a week ago I weighed 312 lbs., suffered from bi-polar disorder, pre-diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and cholesterol, gout and chronic arthritis. I know, I know you’ve heard this same testimonial a million times and “now I’m able to leap tall buildings in a single bound”.

Okay, for starters I’m not a true believer in anything except death, taxes and the Dallas Cowboys. I’d been dieting and exercising for almost three months and had just hit the 20 lbs. lost benchmark. I was pretty proud of myself but still had many moments where I gave into cravings and my body still hurt all the time. Gout is no joke, even if it sounds like one, and sleep apnea is a motivational “black hole”. I took my meds, wore my ridiculous and clunky breathing apparatus and felt some relief but still had a very low quality of life. I averaged at least 2 sick days a month and my energy was maybe 40 % the time I was there. So when our Director at work told me about this program that worked as a detox agent and a whole lot of other things I didn’t understand, I was skeptical but willing to entertain the notion of its promise.

Upon meeting Sean LaFave, I have to admit I felt an instant liking. Smart, energetic and knowledgeable, he talked about the product and program called True Cellular Detox while I tried to find a crack in his sales pitch. It never happened and he convinced my cynical, untrusting self to give it a whirl.

Another thing to understand about me is I’m a bit of a cheap skate and True Cellular Detox is not $19.99. I shook the sticker shock by putting my faith in the faith Sean had in this product. Meaning I put my faith in him. It came down to me needing something that my medication wasn’t providing and the hope I’d one day feel good again.

I’m now in the Body Phase (2nd of 3) and I’ve noticed significant changes. I have not missed a day of work, my gout has not flared up once, I’m sleeping throughout the night without the Darth Vader mask and my arthritis is almost an afterthought. I haven’t had my cholesterol checked in a while but I’m certain it’s much better because I feel great. When I get it checked I’ll let you guys know. I hate needles but would gladly test for it right now to see where I’m at.

Oh I almost forgot this part, I weighed 247 lbs. this morning. I’ve lost 64 lbs. since May 19, 2016. So is this a detox or a weight loss solution? Let me tell you what I know about this product.

Since I started taking the True Cellular Detox my health has improved so drastically that I’ve been able to stick to a diet and workout routine because I didn’t have all those aches and pains causing me to cut workouts short and have the need for “comfort food”. I cannot tell you what a revelation it is for me, Zack Stout II, to go week after week without eating sweets, potato chips and fast food. I clung to food like a non-swimmer clings to the side of the pool for years and now my only fight is the mental one. I’ve been able to win that because my body isn’t rebelling against me and begging my head to give it something to feel at least some happiness.

So if you want to improve your quality of life and make a change that will affect your long term health, give True Cellular Detox a try. I’m only a third of the way through but cannot wait to see how I feel 2 months from now!

~ Zack in Wichita, KS

The absolute greatest change I’ve noticed since going through the TCD program is that I am sleeping through the night for the first time in ten years. I also notice my ability to handle stress has improved dramatically. I don’t feel as reactionary to adverse situations and overall happiness level is up.

~ Mindy in San Jose, CA

I had chronic fatigue and could only get out of bed 3-4 hours/day for 2 years. After 1 month of TCD I was out running again with my son. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

~ Kari in Lake Forest, CA

Been sick for 6 decades. Thanks to TCD been able to start eating food again after only having 2 foods left I could eat. I feel blessed that I have been leads to TCD to transform my life. I have great things happening yet plan to repeat the program for quite awhile until I have optimal health which I have never had since birth. There is new hope thanks to this gift! I have a new life starting.

~ Sharon in Utah

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